Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day Twenty-nine

One day left of our 30 day project. Many of you have asked what we are going to do "next" and what we are going to eat on Monday when this project is over. We've been debating that exact question now for about 30 days! We both feel that we've learned and grown during this experiment and in all honesty, it feels a little sad for it to end. We've definitely been in "the zone." Throughout the years, Ryan and I have done many cleanses, detoxes, and special food diets (thanks to all our friends who have cooked accordingly for us for all these years). This one has definitely been different than the previous projects. We were talking about it today and I think that the difference has been that this dollar-a-day diet has had meaning beyond ourselves. We have felt a solidarity with humankind and a desire to gain understanding and awareness. While it hasn't been easy, these things have gotten us through the hungry times and the cravings and allowed us to think outside of our personal desires. I want deeply to keep this awareness present and real in our everyday lives. Tomorrow we will set out the parameters for our next step...

Daily Meals ~
Breakfast ~ steel cut oats with coffee
Snack ~ popcorn
Dinner ~ lentil, bean, and barley stew

Daily Totals ~ $1.65

Just a little bit of food for thought...

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  1. Good job u guys! Thanx for keepin it simple and helping others through your actions see a reality of sustainabilty when hunger is oh so prevalent in our time <3 light :) Have you seen the anthropological photos which show different cultures and their weekly grocery bill? It;s fascinating~ us is all junk at 200.wk while 3rd world's table is completely vegetables and fruits and whole foods for round $5 a week ~ Let';s guess who is healthier , more humble and happier?
    Love & Light!