Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Back!

Steam Powered Preservation Society Showcase
International Folk Alliance Conference
w/ Aaron Youngberg (Finders & Youngberg), Slias Lowe (Atomic Duo)
and Dango Rose (Elephant Revival)

Wow - it's been a while!
I guess if I don't tell myself that I'm going to update EVERY SINGLE DAY I don't update.

Life got a little crazy there for a bit right after we started our $2 per day expansion diet. When we first started with the $2 per day, we could not believe the wealth of food that it provided! If we just stick to oats, rice, beans, and sprouts, we don't really need to spend the full $2 each. On the other hand, the minute we added in hearty greens and vegetables, our two dollars went really fast!

We mainly have been keeping it to the diet that we were eating on our 30 day project with the occasional treat added in. Our daily totals have been averaging around $2.38.

We did make a big exception this past week, though. We were down in Memphis for the International Folk Alliance Conference. Now, I did prepare by taking a rice cooker and lots of dry food to cook in it. We made oats, coffee, rice, and beans in the hotel room. It was a busy conference, though and it wasn't really possible for us to take the time to cook all our meals in the hotel room. We ate out 1 meal a day while we were there. That certainly did not fit into our $2 per day. We took a hiatus from our parameters and indulged a bit - it was really the only way we were going to get food and when you're getting up at 8:00am for workshops and then staying up until 5:00am to see/play music, you definitely need food!!!

Since we've been home, we are back to our oats, bananas, rice, beans with the occasional hearty green thrown in. I started a new job this week as Director of The Folk School of St. Louis and we got a big surprise when one of Ryan's students brought us a huge home cooked meal plus snacks to make my first week of work easier. What an unbelievable treat to have someone cook such goodness for us - Thanks Eileen!

My plan is to update a bit more often as we continue to explore the gap.
Thanks for reading.

Just a little bit of food for thought,

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  1. Holy cow, what a thoughtful gift! And, congratulations on the new job! That sounds like a perfect match for you :)