Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day Twenty-six

I engaged in a ritual today that I look forward to all year long (no, it did not involve making myself bleed or chanting any spells). I planted the year's first seeds. Every February, I pull out my little seed pots, my soil, my worm castings, and my precious seed packets and get my hands dirty. It always puts me in a joyful and introspective mood when I plant things. Today I kept thinking about how exciting this first planting was and how within a few weeks time, I will be seeing little shoots and sprouts pushing up through the dark soil and reaching for the light.

This 30 day project has made me feel that way personally. I feel like a little seed that's been planted and is struggling and yearning to reach the light. I love the analogy of growing seeds and personal development. I am reaching and reaching for the light and growing steadily and surely towards being the person that I want to be: a person who is compassionate, conscious, and aware.

The growing seeds will be a reminder to me to continue my own personal growth even when that light seems hard to find.

Daily Meals ~
Breakfast ~ steel cut oats with coffee
Lunch ~ pinto beans and rice
Dinner ~ rice

Daily Totals ~ $1.43

Just a little bit of food for thought...


  1. Marcy told me that you and Ryan were doing this. That is impressive. Rock on. I hope you are both well. Can't wait to see you guys. Maybe we could go to a festival that Ryan can play at. Rockygrass perhaps? Talk soon. Andy

  2. oh yeah...the seeds. i can't wait to get mine going. i started a little early last year. I may wait till beg. of march this time around. fun to watch them grow!