Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day Eighteen

I had a small victory today - two in fact. First, was that I was again in the grocery store to pick up some more oats for our breakfast and I easily turned a blind eye to all the brightly packaged foods that for some reason I have been craving lately. Even the potato chips didn't sway me! I've settled into this diet even more the last few days. I also am feeling very thankful for the insights we've gained. I was pleased to see my new thoughts put into practice today in the store!

The second victory was that organic bananas were on sale for $.79 per pound! I bought five of them and they came out to be $.30 per banana. I am going to bed tonight eagerly looking forward to having banana in my oats in the morning. One thing this diet has done is make us very, very grateful for the small things!

Daily Meals ~
Breakfast ~ oats with raisins and green tea
Lunch ~ chickpeas and rice
Dinner ~ rice

Daily Total ~ $1.68

Just a little bit of food for thought...

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