Friday, January 21, 2011

Day Fourteen

Today we were in a situation that took some debate. We had a meeting this morning with a local organization with whom we are collaborating for our Green Strum Project. The meeting was held at a local coffee shop. There was our quandary...what do we do about ordering something. Neither one of us likes the idea of hanging out in a place of business without buying something. We ALWAYS purchase something if we are going to be in a shop for longer than a couple of minutes. Of course, on the dollar a day diet, we have decided to not to accept free things, not to go out to eat or drink, and to only spend one dollar a day each.

We debated what to do. We could have gone and explained to the others in the meeting (whom we'd never met) about our diet project and not have ordered anything. If we had done that, it would probably have seemed odd and possibly made them uncomfortable if they were eating and drinking and we were not. It would definitely have taken away from the focus of the meeting. It would also have been disrespectful to the place of business.

We eventually decided that we would each purchase something inexpensive (we got a tea and a coffee) and we would use the money that we've "saved" so far on the diet. We haven't been eating quite two dollars worth of food everyday - we usually have some cents left over. Actually, over the last thirteen days, we've "saved" $3.50. Our tea and coffee cost us $4.00 with tip. So, we have fifty cents to make up. We'll make that up in the next week or so and still be on track with our dollar a day each.

Daily Food excluding this morning's purchase:
Breakfast ~ steel cut oats with raisins
Lunch ~ beans, rice
Dinner ~ sprout salad, apple cider vinegar

Total ~ $1.60

A little bit of food for thought...

P.S. The meeting was at 9:00am. Ryan is still zinging from his coffee!

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  1. Ha! That coffee bit cracked me up! I'm picturing Ryan running around the house cleaning like a meth head or something. Hilarious.