Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day Nine

The sprouts were ready today! I've been sprouting broccoli and alfalfa seeds in a jar in my pantry for the last week or so. I purchased the seeds in bulk from a natural foods store for pennies. Sprouting is a simple way to have live food any time of the year. Any seed, bean, or whole grain can be sprouted. I am also currently sprouting mung beans. I just put a few seeds/beans/grains in the bottom of a jar and then soak them for a few hours. I cover the top with cheesecloth and secure with a rubber band. Then, I rinse them a couple of times a day until they are ready. Broccoli and alfalfa are fast sprouters and only take three to four days. Beans and grains take a bit longer.

Much research has been conducted about the nutritive value of sprouts. Johns Hopkins University conducted a study that showed that eating 1 ounce of broccoli sprouts was equal in antioxidants to 3 pounds of fully grown broccoli!

We've been experiencing hunger, cravings, and detox the last couple of days so the sprouts were a nice change from our rice and bean diet.

Today's total - $1.96


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  1. That's pretty impressive about the broccoli sprouts. I'll have to try them some time. What's your favorite in terms of flavor? Do you mix them? Do you include and radish? They add some tang.