Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day Twenty-three

We've been working hard all weekend to get through the list that we made Friday morning. This list was of the things that HAD to be done before the end of today. I'm proud to say that although we are still working on that list, we are almost through!

"I want a treat because today is Sunday," I said to Ryan this afternoon. He looked quizzically at me and used his standard response that he uses whenever I make random comments (which I do quite often), "Is that because of something in your childhood?" I thought about it...yes, it was from something in my childhood. Every Sunday in my family was (and still is) family day. We went to church (my dad was the preacher) then we came home and had a large Sunday lunch complete with my mom's nice china and stemware and of course, dessert! We would then all move to the den and each would pick their entertainment of choice: books, the Sunday paper, guitar, tv, a craft project. We'd all hang out until late afternoon at which time, we made a snack. We always had something fun for Sunday: chips and dip, popcorn, ice cream, homemade snack mix, etc... (my family is the king of appetizers and snacks). We didn't always eat this way, but we did on Sunday afternoons. I guess that's what was going on with me today. As soon as Ryan pointed it out, it made me very nostalgic about sitting in my parent's house on a Sunday afternoon without a care in the world enjoying life's small pleasures and the comraderie of family.

Anyway, we haven't really had any snacks for twenty-three days and I was missing the "crunch". We decided to have a treat today. We walked to the market and bought a bag of popcorn. Let me tell you, the first taste of that popcorn with salt still has my mouth watering! It was wonderful and well within our budget ! So, I got to reminisce and fulfill a tradition that I suspect my five siblings and my parents were probably fulfilling also today in their own way!

Daily Meals ~
Breakfast ~ steal cut oats with banana and coffee
Lunch ~ chickpeas and rice
Snack ~ home popped popcorn
Dinner ~ more rice

Daily Totals ~ $1.90

Just a little bit of food for thought...

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