Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day Six

We haven't been as hungry the last couple of days, so we only made half of our usual daily rice amount. We also wanted beans again, so I made some adzuki beans to go with our rice for lunch.
Adzukis are some pretty impressive beans in the nutrition department.

Here's the run-down:

Adzuki beans, 1 cup (230g) (cooked, boiled)
Calories: 294
Protein: 17.3g
Carbohydrate: 57g
Total Fat: 0.23g
Fiber: 16.8g
*Excellent source of:
Iron (4.6mg)
Magnesium (119.6mg)
Potassium (1,223mg)
Zinc (4.0mg)
Folate (278mcg)

They are very tasty, cook quickly, and kept us full all afternoon. We ate a 1/2 cup of rice for dinner. When we got home we realized that we hadn't had our full $2.00 for the day, so we split a 1/3 cup of raisins for dessert! It was hard to believe how sweet the raisins tasted! We haven't had anything but rice and beans the last few days and the flavor of the raisins was an explosion of sweetness!

Daily totals:
1 cup rice - $.58
Green Tea - $.08
ACV - $.19
Adzuki beans - $.50
Tamari - $.10
Raisins - $.40
Chamomile tea - $.08
Total - $1.93

The sprouts are taking longer to fully sprout than usual, probably due to my chilly kitchen! They will be ready in a couple of days so that we can have some live food. I started another round of them today so that we will constantly have them available to eat.

The fuzziness in our heads that we've been experiencing from the detox is easing. We are starting to think more clearly and have more energy. This combined with the fact that we are saving a lot of time by not cooking and not spending as much time focusing on food means we are getting a lot of work done!


  1. Kelly, the fuzziness in your head is coming from your metabolism switching over from burning food you're eating to burning body fat. This is why, when you fast, you feel hungry and spacey for a few days and then your head clears and you don't feel so hungry. It's your body switching metabolically from one way of operating to another. It takes a few days for it to make the switch. If you don't get enough protein, it will take protein from your muscles to get it. If you do, it will burn fat as fuel.

  2. Kelly, do you know how many calories and how many grams of protein you're getting a day?