Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day Fifteen

Day fifteen!! We are half way through!

Even though we've been doing this for fifteen days, we are still running into difficult situations. Today for instance, we finished up the class Ryan was teaching at The Folk School and were about to head home when we realized that we needed to do some shopping. We were out of toilet paper, we needed new toothbrushes, and we needed some more beans to supplement our rice/oats diet. We set out for the grocery store and I was already experiencing some trepidation; I wasn't sure going into a grocery store was such a good idea. It had been several hours since we had eaten our oats for breakfast and by the time we did our shopping, took the Metrolink home, and cooked something to eat, we were looking at a minimum of two hours before we could eat and we were already hungry!

We could not believe all the cravings we were having when we got in the grocery store! All of the "edible media" looked so very good! I was even trying to convince myself that a bag of potato chips really wasn't that bad. They were organic and only contained potatoes, salt, and oil. They can't be that bad, right? We walked around that store for twenty minutes trying to figure out what we could buy for a snack that fit into our budget and our vegan diet. Well, needless to say, we left that store as hungry as we went in, road the train home, and put a pot of lentils to boil on the stove.

While we were waiting to go home on the Metrolink I did have a revelation! "Bananas," I hollered! Bananas would have been a great option. You can get an organic banana for about $.27. They are vegan, healthy, packed with nutrients, and cheap - we could have even "afforded" a couple! Oh, well. At least I'll know what to get next time when the grocery store cravings are getting to me.

The hunger pains we were feeling this afternoon is what it's all about. We really didn't "need" to eat right that second. We were perfectly fine waiting for our rice and lentils. I'm thankful for these reminders even though they don't always feel so good while they are happening.

Daily Food
Breakfast ~ steel cut oats with raisins and green tea
Lunch ~ lentils
Dinner ~ rice

Daily Total ~ $1.39

Just a bit of food for thought...

Oh, P.S. Remember that extra $.50 we spent at the coffee shop yesterday? We didn't mean to, but we made up for it today. We've now got $.11 to spare!

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