Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day Thirteen

Snow Day in St. Louis! It is a rare thing for us not to have anywhere we have to be and we approached the day with excitement! What would we do with all this time. Without even discussing it and without eating breakfast, Ryan headed downstairs to his basement workshop and I headed to the sewing machine. We both worked steadily for hours before reconvening for "breakfast" around one o'clock. We realized how different this day was from previous snow days. Normally, we would have gone to the store yesterday and stocked up...not on necessities, but on "fun" stuff for the snow day. We would have bought snacks, extra food, and alcohol. We would have enjoyed our day at home and we would have "treated" ourselves with all of our food and beverage purchases.

Today was very different. We had no special snacks, I wasn't spending hours in the kitchen preparing a special dinner, and we certainly didn't have any special beverages! The day had a very different focus. Not only did we have a day at home, we had tons more time than usual. It just doesn't take long to throw a few beans in a pot to simmer. Other than that, I was hardly in the kitchen at all. Instead, I made a dress that is a copy of a vintage dress that a friend just bought at a retro store. Ryan made two different bass instruments for our Green Strum Project ( and we played music this evening.

We made ourselves eat dinner even though we weren't hungry. I think we were enjoying our projects too much.

Daily Food:

Breakfast ~ steel cut oats with a few raisins and some green tea
Dinner ~ Sweet potato and bean "stew"
After Dinner ~ apple cider vinegar "cocktail"

Daily Total ~ $1.25

A little bit of food for thought,

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